New album - Shades of life

Biography Titus Tielens

Titus Tielens’ work is inspired by the great composers including Bach and Schubert. His music presents traditional elements in a fresh new way.

As a musical storyteller, Titus enjoys improvising on the piano in classical style. Thanks to a lifetime of listening to classical music and with an informal education in music theory, he has developed his own narrative style of composing.

Personal Background

With an MSc degree in physics from TU Delft and MBA from INSEAD, Titus is not a formally trained composer. Yet, music has played an important role throughout his life. He was raised on Schubert and French chansons. During his school years he received several years of piano lessons. In recent years, he took private lessons in composition and familiarised himself with the basics of music theory. This opened up the world of artistic possibilities. His discovery tour through music led to his first album Es qui se probare vult in 2018, and in 2022 to Shades of Life. In 2021, he founded Kinyobi Music as a niche production company. Titus, who is also an avid cyclist, lives with his wife and children in Amstelveen.